Appointment for Employment Interview and Testing

Appointment for Employment Interview and Testing Sample Form.  Your search for a new employee has resulted in a wealth of outstanding

candidates.  Actually, you have more than you expected...

and THAT is a great thing!

Ready to start interviewing the top applicants and need a sample letter to notify the top applicants? 

Then use the letter below.  With it you can reach out to the ones that interest you the most and start the interview process.   

We've purposefully kept it short, sweet and to the point.  


Dear ____________,

Thank you for your recent application for employment with The Chambers Corporation.

An interview has been scheduled for you on Monday, June 7, 1986, at 10:00, with Mr. Phil Menot, Head of Personnel. Mr. Menot's office is located on the 10th floor, Room 1009.

A test will be administered to you immediately following your interview, which will take approximately one hour.

If you are unable to keep this appointment or if you have any questions, please call me at (813) 555-4000.

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