Appreciation Letters Samples

Appreciation Letters Samples - Are the cookie cutter letters just not cutting it for your needs?  We understand!  How about you try some of these real life examples.  One of them is sure to help out.

Appreciation letters, just as thank you letters, come in a variety of types.

The subjects range from 'thank you for hiring me', 'thank you for the interview', 'thank you for doing business with me', a letter of appreciation for all of your hard work, etc.

And with a decent template you can spin off dozens of new and exciting  letters from one sample.

Three appreciation letter samples are noted below for your convenience.

Take some pointers from these samples and tailor make your own letter.

Go on try one out!


Letter of Appreciation Template - Job seekers who are fortunate enough to get hired can score big points with this thank you for hiring me letter. Think about it for a many jobs have you had?  Now, a better question is how many appreciation letters have you sent after being hired?

Not too many, right?  Well, let me suggest to you that kind of nonchalance won't get you too far into today's ultra-competitive labor market.  You need to establish yourself from the start of a new job as someone who is kind, considerate and a darn good worker. 

A letter of appreciation template information takes care of the first part...but you're on your own when it comes to proving you're a hard worker.

Free Appreciation Letters Samples - Want to make an employee feel special?  Then give them an employee appreciation letter. There's really nothing to it, but based on the way supervisors and managers withhold them you'd think they cost a small fortune, but they don't.  

Generally speaking, employees who receive positive acknowledgement and recognition of their work achievements are happier than their counterparts who don't. Now that you know, when are you going to start recognizing your employees for their valuable contributions?  Why not start today with free appreciation letters samples.    

Letter of Appreciation Example - This letter of appreciation example is a good one for thanking valued customers during the Christmas Season for their patronage of your business.  

You have to treat customers well to keep them...and a good way of doing that is by sending them appreciation letters during holidays and special occasions and events.  So, why not thank them with sample appreciation letters? 

In the end people do business with you because they want to, not because they have to; but you still have to maintain their loyalty...and one way of doing that is through email and/or direct mail marketing strategies with appreciation letters.

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