Assignment of Lease Alternate

This Assignment of Lease Alternate sample form supports all rights and agreements between tenants and landlord. 

Just as the first sample of this form, this leasing agreement is extremely flexible and versatile in its function. 

Contractual settlements between parties need to be fully disclosed for a trustworthy agreement. 

This sample form does just that.

If this particular sample letter doesn't quite float your boat,  try the alternate and very similar version Assignment of Lease.

Just follow the first link below.


Assignment of Lease

______________________ and ______________________,

Lessees of that certain lease dated_____________________, by and between ________________

Lessor and ______________________,Lessee, and pertaining to that certain_______________________________________________ do hereby assign their right, title and interest in and to said lease to _____________, whose address shall henceforth be __________________________. It is agreed and understood that this assignment is contingent upon satisfactory compliance with the terms and provisions of the lease.


__________________________ _______________________

__________________________ _______________________


We,____________________, hereby accept the above assignment and subject ourselves to all the promises and covenants therein contained. We fully understand that this assignment is contingent upon the making of timely payments on the lease and complying with all the terms and provisions of the lease.


__________________________ _______________________

__________________________ _______________________


____________________________, landlord and lessor under the above lease hereby consents to the assignment of said lease from ______________________to _____________________________.





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