Assignment of Literary Property

Literary greatness is an achievement worth protecting, unfortunately few budding authors can navigate contractual waters without help.

In order to do that, you will want to familiarize yourself with a starte form like this Assignment of Literary Property sample form.

The creating process rarely takes in account how the credit and value of he works will eventually be divided once the proper attention is expressed over the works.

This form ensures the credit for your literary triumphs won’t get attributed to the wrong person. 

This form would be especially helpful for copywriters and ghost writers. 

Make sure that the accolades, both verbal and monetary, are funneled in the right direction!


FOR VALUE RECEIVED, and in accordance with the terms of a certain agreement between us dated ____, 20__, the undersigned hereby sells, transfers and assigns to ________, [Company] all rights to the literary property, described as: ___________________________________________________



And the undersigned further represents that Company may secure copyrights on said property and have full use and rights to said property as contained in said agreement.

Signed under seal this __ day of ____, 20__.

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