Baby Don't Hurt Me

Baby Don't Hurt Me, a Romantic Love Letter. Ever love someone from afar, although you never met them? Call it what you want - whether sweet

Baby Don't Hurt Me, A Romantic Love Letter

infatuation, or unrequited love; but whatever you call it the reality is this - sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we don't.

Dear ***,

For years I have longed to feel your touch, our hands intertwined and the press of your body against mine while snuggling under a blanket on a cool, crisp fall evening... looking up at a star filled night.

No cost is too great to pay for these simple things. I've admired you from afar, but being the shy guy I am I never approached you for fear of being rejected.

It's much easier to keep the dream alive than to have it crushed by the reality that you may not know that I even exist  . Still, I want to make it real. Maybe today is the day I let you know.

A Secret Admirer,

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