Baby, Will You Be Back?

by Anisa
(Spokane, WA)

Free Pre-Written Love Letters

Free Pre-Written Love Letters

We've been away from each other for months now.
I've been trying to stay patient and strong ever since you left to Iraq, but at times it gets so difficult and I find myself staring out into the distance for minutes on end, without even noticing the time fly by.

I've tried everything to keep myself busy. During the day its easy to get oneself occupied but when the night comes and all my friends go home to their loved ones, I find myself alone and torn into pieces once again.

Will you be back? Will I ever touch your face again? Smell your hair and hug you till I feel my breath go out?

These questions clog my mind and take their toll on me.

I haven't been smiling, or laughing as much as I used to.

Everyday I check the news in fear of some tragic news that comes from Iraq.

Praying, wishing, hoping you will be safe and sound and come back to me!

If it wasn't for Skype I think I'd lose my mind though. How did the people in the days of old do this is beyond me. How did they send their men off to war and stay at home, without hearing their voice and feeling their presence, waiting in a mixture of fear and hope.

Still, I don't think much has changed. Like they did, we wait with a mixture of fear and hope. We just have more things to give us fear...and more things to give us hope.

I love you baby. You're in my heart and thoughts every second of every day.

I thank God on the days I wake up and dream about you, I thank God for the days I see no scary images in the news. And I thank God for the time we've spent together, even if its was so short.

I just want you to know, I am and will always remain, yours, truly, and everlasting Love.

Kisses and Hugs

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