Bank Trust Department Sales Letter

Mail this Bank Trust Department Sales Letter to everyone in your local community and get your first run at marketing your services.  You don’t 

need to screen people based on age, or try to pinpoint a target market, just begin with a blanket announcement in letter form like this.

Everyone should have a will and they may just need to read this letter to realize how important it is to get in touch with you and get the process started.  

Enclose any supporting flyers or pamphlets that can provide information for potential customers to peruse at their leisure.

These supplements, along with this letter will further explain what you can offer your customers.


Dear __________,

The drawing of a will may not be something we look forward to, but the absence of one can create an incredible hardship on our loved ones.

There have been so many stories about individuals whose intentions could not be carried out due to the fact that they had never bothered to write a will or had never updated a will written many years earlier.

If you do not have a will or if you have one that does not express your current desires, we urge you to address this problem.

Please find our pamphlet and return card enclosed. We hope that you will find this information useful and helpful and encourage you to return the card to us if our trust department can be of assistance to you.

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