Better Than a Plastic Flower

by Sarah

I love all types of flowers. They are very beautiful and smell great but I hate receiving them as gifts because I hate seeing them die. I suppose I could flatten them and keep them in a book but I guess I’m too lazy. Most of the guys I’ve dated, new this but never got me fake ones because it made them feel cheap. Well, I never told my recent boyfriend about this because I really like him and I didn’t want to make him feel awkward. My best friend ended up beating him to the punch and last Valentine’s Day he showed up at my door with gifts. Among them were two beautiful bouquets of origami flowers. One was a rose bouquet and the other was a bouquet of lilies. After I opened the chocolates and put on the necklace he bought, I found out that he hadn’t bought the flowers and had made them himself. I was already quite impressed with the gift and decided to secretly learn how to make them myself and when I got really good, I went to work on mimicking his bouquets and found that it had taken him hours to make both of them. My heart melted all over again for him when I knew that and of course, I was even more impressed. I’m so proud of those flowers that I leave them out all year so that I can boast about him and his skill.

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