Boy Was I Wrong

by Amanda
(Knoxville, TN USA)



Dear Brian; I hope you are doing well. Thanks for giving me the time to think about "us". I really needed it. Still, all I have done is think about you.

I thought I would enjoy getting all these things done around the house and at work that I have been neglecting since we started dating, but I have not done a single thing but think about you. I guess you were right when you said I wouldn't know love if it bit me in the were right about everything!

My life had such order and function before I met you. I always knew what to expect of my day and my purpose in it. And then you threw all of it
into chaos! That scared me, but now it's scarier without you.

Everything is still chaotic, but my heart aches and my head pounds. I cannot get anything done without thinking about you. I have never felt so lonely, even though I have been alone before.

I have never needed someone by my side just to breathe! I guess I have never needed anyone at all.

So, I am admitting how wrong I was about our relationship being a casual encounter. I was also wrong for thinking we were not meant for each other. And finally, it was so wrong to ask for this time away, even if I needed time to myself to think and sort things out. I am
just too lost without you.

Please tell me this time has not brought you to someone else or to some other conclusion that you still love me.

Please tell me we can be together soon, and that I can breath again.

Please tell me you still want to marry me...I can't wait to look into your eyes and say "Yes!".

Love Forever,

P.S. Olly is lost without you too.

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Re Your Love Letter; Hope He's Still There
by: Lanard

Love has a way of sneaking up on you even when you're trying to prevent it from happening. What starts out as casual suddenly becomes "I have to have it". Good luck - i hope Brian is still there for you.

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