Bus Charter Sales Letter

Why, oh why on Earth would you need a sample Bus Charter Sales Letter you may ask....Well, generally sales letters are a great tool to alerting your

locals about the services your business provides, no matter what those services are!

And if you happen to own a bus charter business this template is directly for your use!

This letter is great not only for locals, but for visitors and out-of-towners that may want to charter a bus for sightseeing tours, historical tours and even large group trips. 

If you’ve ever been a Safety Patrol in 5th grade, you’re sure to remember the excitement of waking up early to board the adventure ready charter bus! 

Use this sales letter sample to send out to schools, adventure groups, active and traveling clubs, National Parks and more! 

Send out the good news that you’re in business and are taking on customers and watch your business flourish!


Dear ________,

On May 1, 1986, Chambers Transportation Inc., came under new management.

Chambers Transportation is a full service charter bus and sightseeing company operating a fleet of over the-road highway coached, sightseeing buses and vans within the state.

Our coaches are comfortable, fuel efficient and economical.  For less than half the cost of air travel our motor coach can take your group to their destination.  You can say good-bye to parking problems, crowded terminals and split-second time tables.  We can call for your group at your door.  What could be more convenient?

We offer comfort and luxury and HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRICES.

When your future plans call for a bus or a van, please give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.

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