Character Letter Personal Reference Sample

A Character Letter Personal Reference Sample can be tough to write, no matter how many times you've written some.  They're even more so

Character Letter Personal Reference Sample

given that the quality of the letter can have a profound effect on a person's life. Did your letter help them achieve their goals? Did they get the job they coveted, receive the scholarship for applied and need to pay for graduate school, get the appointment as newest board member to the non-profit organization they want to volunteer their time with?

Yes, your written words, lasting as they will be, can have both a huge immediate impact on the lives of friends requesting letters from you as well as long term impact over the course of their lives. So, if you agree to write a reference letter for someone, totally embrace the commitment; do it with gusto and provide them with a letter that everybody can be proud of. 

The writer of this letter used this format and did a good job with the letter. Here it is.

Character Letter Personal Reference Sample -
for Tanny Platt

Dear ______; please let this letter serve to introduce Tanny Platt and recommend her for employment with your company.

I have known Tammy personally for over ten years, and know her to be an organized, responsible, and easy going individual. Also, I believe that her skills and experience serves to make her an excellent candidate for employment with your firm..

When I met Tammy she had just left a position as a housekeeper, where she was responsible for general housekeeping and cleaning chores.

She was also active in our community; where she was involved in the church, volunteered time with neighborhood kids and drove senior adult citizens to grocery shop and to doctors appointments.

Summarily, Tammy is a real asset to the community and is a godsend to the many people she so willingly give of her time, with nothing expected in return. So, it is with a great deal of pleasure that I highly recommend her for employment with your company.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me. My contact information is noted below for your convenience.

Shelly Thompson
1763 Wisner
Fremont, Michigan

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