Character Reference For Potential Landlord

by Annmarie Breen
(Enniskillen, Northern Ireland)

To: To whom it may concern

About: Annmarie Breen

Why: Basic character reference for future letting agency

Relationship: Voluntary work colleague

Known them for: 10 yrs, volunteered with them for 5 yrs

Positive character reference needed stating the sensible, grounded nature of Annmarie

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Requested Sample Landlord Reference Letter
by: Lanard

Annmarie - below is the requested sample landlord reference letter written for you with the information provided. Please let me know what you think about it.

To Whom it May Concern;

Please accept this letter as an endorsement to consider Annmarie Breen as a tenant for properties that you manage. I have known Ms. Breen for 10 years, five of them as a volunteer work colleague.

As a friend she has always compassionate, sensible, dedicated and loyal. I don't know anybody who's a better friend.

As a volunteer worker I've been pleasantly surprised to see a "can do" attitude emerge as one of her dominant traits. For example, she frequently takes charge by organizing, problem solving and getting things done; and she does it individually as well as collaboratively with other workers and volunteers. She's a natural leader.

If given an opportunity to let one of your properties I you'll find her to be an ideal tenant; mature, dependable and responsible - the same as she is a friend and worker.

In closing, please feel free to call me if you have any questions about my recommendation. For your convenience I can be reached at [insert phone number].


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