Character Reference Letter To Judge

Character Reference Letter To Judge.  Unfortunately, if we live long enough, someone we know will run afoul of the law...and when it does

Character Reference Letter To Judge

it is supremely important to have friends, family and acquaintances write reference letters to the Judges presiding over the cases. Unsolicited testimony about how unique, important and valuable a person is to their family, employer and notable roles they play in the community can be important considerations of a judge's decision.

Will a letter result in lesser sanctions for a guilty person?  Maybe, but you'll never know unless you submit one.  Following is a sample Reference Letter To a Judge for your consideration. Please modify it to your specific need.

Sample Character Reference Letter To Judge

Honorable [Judge’s Full Name]
United States District Judge
3330 Commerce Street
Johnson City, KS 11111
Your Honor,
I'm writing on behalf of my brother, John Williams, who will be appearing before you in court on DUI charges.  As his older brother I know firsthand that he has a drinking problem.  While I’m not sure if he’s an alcoholic or not I do know that when he drinks he becomes mean spirited with seemingly little regard for consequences for his behavior. John acknowledges that he has a drinking problem too and wants to stop. 

On the other hand, when he is sober you couldn’t find a person with a bigger heart. He volunteers in our local homeless center at least one day a week and is always assisting his neighbors in some way; mowing their lawns when their lawn mowers break down, driving them to the store when their cars won’t start, etc. Nor can you find someone who is more responsible.  He has been on his same job of 15 years,  living in his present home for 20 years and a resident of the county for all his life, 40 years. 

This is John’s first legal charge and he has expressed much anguish and remorse about it and to his credit has already done what might be considered an appropriate sanction for the law violation, completion of a DUI Course. I think he will continue to do even more positive things to compensate for his lapse of judgement and am confident that this situation is deterrent enough to keep him from repeating the behavior.

Please consider these qualities about him when making your decision about what you will do in his case.  You will feel free to call me at 943-345-6435 if you need to verify any of the statements contained in this letter.

Ralph Williams, Brother   
839 East West Corridor
Johnson City, KS 11111

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