Charge Account Credit Limit Raise Notification

Charge Account Credit Limit Raise Notification sample letter - More, more, more!  Who doesn’t like more? This sample letter announces good 

news for your consumer, upping their credit limit for more spending.

Keeping a good run of an active charge account is a tricky balancing act that deserving customers have proven they have a handle on.

Their diligence is deserving of reward, is it not, and here's just the right suggestion to use.

Think of it this way, the higher their limit, the more they are apt to spend, which means the more business your establishment does. 

So send them a notice they are sure NOT to just toss in the bin! 

Use this sample and you won’t even need to lift a finger to write it. 


Dear __________, 

After careful review of your charge account, it pleases us to inform you that we have increased your credit limit as follows:



Furthermore, this change in account status qualifies you for use of our installment account.

Should you require additional information about this new account, please see one of our credit representatives the next time you are here for a visit.

You are a valued customer, and as such, you will be advised of our special customer sales, which we have from time to time.

We appreciate your continued patronage, and look forward to being able to assist you in the near future.

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