Coffee & Tea Buyer Cover letter

by T. Renee Perry

This is the first and only Resume Cover Letter for a Coffee & Tea Buyer that I've ever read. I guess folks in that line of business need cover letters, too. Enjoy!


Dear Mrs. Thalia D. Westlake,

First, I owe you several thanks. During my lengthy job search you have been a great comfort and excellent supporter. Your wonderful letters of recommendation were mind blowing, so eloquent (not to mention all that flattery)! I never expected such gracious words when describing my character. Words can not express my gratitude. I want to also acknowledge how full your schedule is.

I know you are a very busy person, and I appreciate you taking the time out to help me. My biggest thanks are for taking the time to speak with me personally, face-to-face, last Friday about the opportunities with Westlake Coffee and Tea Company. As promised, I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your perusal.

I know you are aware of my education in business as well as me personal affinity for coffee. Hopefully, this formal presentation of my educational background and experience in the workforce will give you a deeper insight to my credentials. Of all the position you mentioned during our meeting that will be opening up soon, I am most interested in the company buyer/liaison position. I believe my personal taste, communication and customer service skills, combined with my firm grasp on the business structure of a successful coffee company, would be a huge asset to this company. I've also attached some references that might be able to give you unbiased examples of my work and accomplishments.

My objective is to find an position in a company where my skills, qualifications and temperament can contribute to the company's profit and growth. I believe Westlake is such a company.

As requested I have also included my contact information in this letter. I will be in touch with your secretary by the end of the following week. Thank you again for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,
Ms. Lillith M. Yesk

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