College Letter of Recommendation

This recommendation letter is written by a Professor for a Psychology student applying for graduate school. While it is written in the masculine form it can easily be converted for female students. Enjoy!

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of Rich Richardson, who is applying for admission into your graduate program. In the 5 years I have worked with him he has demonstrated excellent critical thinking, dedication to the field, and strong moral and ethical values. I believe Rich would be a great addition to your program.

In 20__ Rich took my Research Methods I course and excelled in research, writing, and following APA formatting guidelines. Students were put into groups for certain assignments and Rich emerged as a natural leader and helper. He frequently took initiative to guide his fellow students through the research process.

Before starting Research Methods II, I offered Rich a Teacher’s Assisting position and he eagerly accepted. Rich was responsible for leading writing groups and peer reviews. The students he met with said he was patient, direct, and eager to teach instead of correct.

Rich Richardson also developed direct practice skills which will benefit him in graduate level counseling courses. The two internships he completed, one at the Veteran’s Administration helping Vets obtain benefits and the other at the nursing home, leading discussion groups with residents, have brought about tremendous growth.

Everybody who works with Rich has commented on his natural listening skills, empathy, and understanding of human behavior. I believe that he has great qualities and a dedication to his academic career. It is for these and other reasons that I encourage you to consider admitting Rich Richardson to your graduate program.

Your Name

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