College Recommendation for Student by Current Teacher


Ivy Covered Columns

Ivy Covered Columns

The College Recommendation Letter is not based on a real person, or events for that matter. It's purely for example purposes only.


To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this Letter of Recommendation on behalf of Jane Doe, a current student of mine in Western Indiana. I have known Jane since September 2009, the time that she enrolled in our school as sophmore.

Jane is currently serving as a Student Assistant with peer students who need extra help understanding and completing assignments. She is of good temperament working with them and in general is a well rounded person with excellent character.

Throughout the course of the school year I Jane has been an extremely hardworking and diligent student. She has maintained an above average grade throughout her high school career and I am confident that she will continue to excel in her collegiate academic pursuits.

Additionally, Jane has been an active participant in extracurricular activities. For example, she has been in the band and the Model UN Teams for the past two years.

Summarily, I believe any college that Jane chooses to go to would be lucky to have her, and I am just as positive the institution that enrolls her will be proud to have her as a student representing its institution.

Yours Truly,
Watzhis Name

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