Commendation and Refusal of Request for Raise

This Commendation and Refusal of Request for Raise letter will come in handy to any company with an abundance of hardworking and 

ambitious-to-a-fault employees. 

After considering all suitable candidates for the open position, you were able to find a top worker bee.  Well, that’s awesome! 

They’ve pushed sales way above expectation, provide excellent customer service, and are proving that they are just as comfortable in the team player roe as they are in the team leader role. 

A commendation is of course in order and you are more than happy to provide them with one. 

Problem is, this stellar performer is hoping that commendation will come in monetary form rather than some nice words. 

No need to worry about the words to let them down and still show appreciation. This letter should help you out!


Dear _______,

 This is to acknowledge your letter of [date].  You are definitely to be commended for your progress during the past two months. 

I do believe, however, that your recent request for a raise is premature. 

I would suggest that it would be more appropriate to discuss a salary increase after you have worked here for six months. 

If you continue on the same path, I am certain that your timely request will be given careful consideration. 

You are doing a fine job, keep up the good work!


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