Company Credit Account Denial Letter

The Company Credit Account Denial Letter is a tasteful 'no' in response to a company's request for credit.

Winning more flies with honey than with vinegar is a saying to apply to this situation.

A 'no' is always the last thing anyone wants to hear, especially when it comes to credit.

Unfortunately, the no's in life can't be avoided forever.

Whether the case may be unfavorable credit reports, lack of sufficient credit history, or other circumstances , this particular letter does not disclose specifics but can be easily modified to do so.


Dear __________,

We have reviewed your application for open account terms, and at this time are unable to open an account for your company. Should circumstances change in the future, please feel free to resubmit an application.

We value your business, and hope to keep you as a customer. As a cash customer you will be advised of all special sales, and we know that you will find our prices and services competitive enough to allow us to continue serving you.

If you have any questions about this decision, or if I may be of any help in any way with regard to your dealings with our company, please contact me at the above office.

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