Condolence Baskets - In Memory of Grandpa

Six months ago my grandfather died at the age of 85. He had been very sick for a long while, suffering from breathing problems that just got worse and worse.

We knew that the end was coming, and in his last couple of years he had been hospitalized so much that he was ready for to go and had made peace with the fact that the end was near.

Nevertheless, when Grandpa died it was a difficult time for all of us, as he was very special to each and every one of us.

A few days after we got home from the funeral, we received not one, but several Condolence Gift Baskets from some of our closest friends.

They were filled with an assortment of fine chocolates, cookies, wafers, mixed nuts, and crackers. We needed comfort, and the foods in the baskets could certainly be called “comfort food.”

It was an excellent assortment and it took us several days to eat everything in the baskets, and we enjoyed every single bite. However, the fact that our friends cared enough about our loss and feelings to send sympathy gifts meant even more to us.

When someone we know suffers a loss we will "pay it forward" by sending Condolence Baskets, too.

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