Condolence for a Friend's Grandparent with Alzheimer's

by Brianne
(San Diego, CA)

My friend’s grandfather passed away after a slow deterioration due to Alzheimer’s. Although he lived far away, he was very special to her. I know it hasn’t been easy for her to go through this, and I wrote these words of condolence on a card I sent her...
Dear Ali,

I was so sorry to hear that your Papa had passed away. I know he was one of a kind and meant a great deal to you. If you want to talk about him or just need to cry, please know I am here.

I have fond memories of that time you and I took a road trip to visit both of your grandparents. They both welcomed me with open arms and I made me feel comfortable and like I was part of the family. I don’t think your Papa ever met a stranger. I loved hearing his stories about the war and seeing his many collections and the fun “improvements” he made around the house and gardens.

Even throughout the disease, it seemed like there were still occasionally glimpses of his strong and charismatic personality, a testament to his sense of humor. I hope you and your family are comforted by the fact that he is no longer suffering and know that his legacy is one of love.

Please also pass my condolences on to your mother. Her father was very loved.


P.S I’ve made a contribution to Alzheimer’s research in honor of your Papa.

Lanard's Comments - this is beautiful...but sad, yet consoling! You have a gift for writing. Thanks for sharing. Click Here To Read More About Exactly What to Write, Say, and Do at a Time of Loss

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