Condolence Gift Basket

My sister has decided to go away on this long journey with her husband. They are going to travel to Africa and spend some time down there building homes for the community. I know it is something they have wanted to do for such a long time.

However, last night I received a phone call from her stating that her and her husband were going to get a divorce. They have not had any problems in their relationship that I was aware of, so it came to me as quite a shock. I then tried talking to her and realized nothing I said would make a difference.

I went home and looked up ways to cheer her up, and I came across a gift basket idea. I decided that I would buy her a gift basket filled with items to make her smile. I would include a card and make sure that there was a lot of chocolate in the basket.

I want to bring her spirits up and let her know that a guy does not need to make her feel this way. I sent it to her and immediately received an email from her thanking me for it. Gift baskets are the way to go! Anonymous

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