Condolence Gift Baskets - No More Dishes

by Judy Price
(Tucson, AZ)

Sincere Sympathty Condolence Gift Basket. When my father Tom passed away very suddenly nobody was thinking straight. He truly was the light of our family. We didn't know which way was up. Sylvia, a very close friend of the family put together a large basket of economy sized paper goods.

It included paper plates, plastic silverware, cups, napkins, paper towels, garbage bags and of course boxes of tissues.

It's those little things that are truly the last thing on your mind. Just being able to have one less thing to focus on was a great convenience, especially since there are always so many extra people around. Plus, it can be quite expensive to accommodate for all the extra people being around.

I am so thankful Sylvia was thinking about those little things that we weren't mindful of. I know if I am in need of something to give a grieving family I will not think twice about giving them a gift basket full of the same.

It allows you to not have dishes pile up in the sink while you have company coming in and out. Not to mention, the last thing a person needs to do when they are grieving is to have to wash dishes all the time. We were so very thankful for such a thoughtful, practical, gift basket!

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