Condolence Gift or Flowers?

by Christina East
(Boise, Idaho USA)

When giving a gift that signifies a condolence, what is required is an act of compassion, empathy, and common sense. Through the years it has been the standard procedure to flourish the afflicted with cards and large bouquets of flowers. In my experience the thought is wonderful, but the aftermath is quite traumatic.

'Condolence' is a word that represents a grievance. If a death was the current issue, receiving Fresh Flowers might help, but in a few days another death occurs and another burial of some sort, whether it be the trash, or a burn pile. But Overall, another sad time to endure for sure.

In any case, today's trends have been increasingly getting better, and the healing process has been greatly enhanced through the more 'considerate' condolence gift.

I once gave a friend of mine a (42095) Statue of Angel holding a sealed letter to deliver. Of course no one knew what, or if it said anything, and two years later, that statue was still placed in the center on her mantle.

I eventually had to ask her why she kept it there for so long, and her reply was this..."before Henry died, He told me he had a secret, and that until i get to heaven, I'll never know. That statue reminds me of the secret and where I'm going and whom I will hear it from".

From that moment on I decided that cards, and big fancy bouquets were history gifts. I am going to pay more attention to the issue of which the condolence will be, and not adhere to the social expectancy of its meaning.

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