Condolence Letter Example; Death Of a Friend's Mom

My friend's mother passed away one year ago. She was like a second mom to me, so her passing was also deeply hurting to me. Here's what I wrote to my friend in this Condolence Letter Example.
Dear Nicki,

Mom Jane, in her own, very dear and caring way, tried often told us how fulfilled she felt about her life and that she would be all right during those long months of her illness.

While she was very strong and a true miracle of joy, nothing could prepare us, and especially you, for these moments of sorrow. The bond between the two of you is one of the best examples I've ever seen of a mother and daughter who truly loved and cared for each other unconditionally.

Seeing the two of you, whether sipping tea together on a cool winter evening or shopping until you dropped on your trips around the world, was a precious photo album in action.

Not only that, Mom Jane reached out to me and many others, always inspiring us with her kind deeds and soft voice.

May you gain strength and peace as beautiful memories ever blossom to commemorate Mom Jane's beauty and gracefulness.


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