Condolence Letter Example; Grandpa Lives On In Us All

Condolence Letter Example - Granfather Lives On In Us All

Condolence Letter Example - Granfather Lives On In Us All

My grandfather passed away somewhat unexpectedly, though he had been steadily deteriorating over the last couple years. Fortunately, I and most of the family got to say goodbye to him on the day that he passed away. After 60+ years of marriage, it was hard on my grandmother to lose someone she'd spent everyday of her adult life with and was the love of her life. I really wanted to send her a letter to let her know how much she and my grandfather mean to me and to offer her some comfort. Here's the letter I sent to her.

Dear Grandma,

I just wanted to write to let you know how much I love you and that I am thinking about you while you're going through a really difficult time. You and Grandpa are in my heart and I hope you know that I am there for you and will help you in any way that I can.

Grandpa was at once a dedicated father, husband, and grandfather. I know that mom and Uncle Grant are especially appreciative of the time they got to spend with him and feel fortunate that they had such a loving man for their father.

As for me I feel so grateful that he was my grandfather. Also, he was an especially important part of my in that he was like the father I never had. He was a wonderful person.

One fond memory I have of him was when he came to one of my track meets where I won a relay race on the last lap around the track. I could see and hear him screaming and cheering me on and he talked with pride about that "comeback win" for years afterward!

I hope it brings you some comfort to know that Grandpa lives on in his children and grandchildren. I see him in my mom and my daughter's beautiful blue eyes, and in my thick, wavy dark hair. His creativity and talent for working with his hands lives on in my paintings. Whenever I see my uncle his sense of humor and deep booming laugh are present. He will also be with us in our hearts and memories forever.

I will be praying for you and hope you feel comfort from your friends and family. We are available for you night and day and love you very much.

With love and my deepest sympathy,

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