Condolence Letter For a Child

by Bobbi

I was out of town when my friend's child died in a car accident. I was in tears over the thought of a young child's death and the mother's pain. I wasn't able to get home in time for the funeral and had to send a letter instead expressing my thoughts and sadness for what she was going through.

Dear _____:

I can hardly express what I am feeling over what has happened to little ______. The pain and sadness that I feel I realize is nothing compared to what you must be going through now.

Your daughter/son was a truly amazing child and made everyone happy when she/he came into the room. Always happy and curious is what I remember most. And the best hugs were given by those little arms.

I realize that I can not bring _____ back, but I hope that I can be there for you in the days ahead. Please let me know what if anything I can do and know that I am praying for you each day.

All my best wishes,

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