Condolence Letter; Goodbye To a Friend

by J.D

Going on a few years now by best friend passed away, I was in a different country at the time and thus unable to attend the funeral. What you find below is the condolence letter I wrote to his family…

As I sit here writing this to you I am not entirely sure why I am even writing this letter right now. Nothing I can possibly write to you can explain the sorrow and sadness I feel for your loss, nor can it take the pain away.

The fact is, nothing I tell you is going to replace what [Mark] meant to you or even begin to dull the pain. But I hope that my sincerest condolences at least make you see that you have people you can turn to in this horrible time.

[Mark] was an amazing person and I feel blessed that our paths crossed in life, I can only hope that I can live my life in such a way that I may one day see him again.

My most sincere condolences, and all the best,

[my name]

Lanard's Coments. Mark was lucky to have had a friend like you who cared for him as much as you did.

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