Condolence Letter to Friend

Condolence Letter To A Friend. A few months ago,

my best friend's mom died from cancer.

She'd been really ill for a while and was in and out of the hospital.

I guess you could say that no one was surprised when she passed away,

but it was still a shock to her family.

This is the copy that I wrote to my friend.


I was so sorry to hear about the passing of your mom, [mother's name]. You know how much I thought of her! She was one of the sweetest, most generous person's I've ever met. She was in some ways, like a second mom to me!

She was always so encouraging and kind. She always believed the best about everyone and everything and she inspired me to be a better person. In fact, I believe I am the person I am today due largely to her influence!

[Mother's name] will always have a special place in my heart. Her advice, encouragement and support meant a lot to me!

I can only imagine how hard it must be for you during this time. I know you can handle a lot--you've always been a strong person! Please remember that if you need to talk, you can always call me.

With deepest sympathy,


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