Condolence Letter

Condolence Letter For A Friend. One of my friends died a while back. She was a bright 18 year old girl who made a few stupid mistakes one night during spring break and paid the ultimate price - her life. Her family was saddened, and the whole community was shocked. Of course the names below are fictitious to protect the family's privacy.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Garette,

My heart shattered when I heard the news of Michelle's death. As you know she was a dear friend to me and words cannot express how much I miss her. And of course you already know what a wonderful girl she was, but I want you to know that her friends and peers thought so, too.

Michelle was a bright, energetic person, who's memory I will forever carry in my heart. She was a person you could turn to in both good and bad times, knowing that you'd have someone there who truly cared.

In closing, please know that I am not just Michelle's friend, but yours too in this difficult time. I look forward to sharing many fond memories of her with you!


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