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Condolence Letters, also known as Letters of Condolence and Sympathy Letters are written to offer sympathy and support for someone  who has lost a loved one. However, the right words can be frustratingly elusive.

Condolence LettersCondolence Letters

There are also times when you yourself need to be comforted, as you personally grieve the loss someone special.  Either way, the letters below can be a source of inspiration and comfort offering expressions of love and support while offering promises of better tomorrows.

Condolence Letters - With Deepest Sympathy

The Power of Prayer
From the Desire of His Heart, God Created through the Word, Uttered from Divine Spirit, Felt through Energy heard. Energy is Power, Power is...

Death of Fiance's Mothers
"Condolence Letter, Death of My Fiance's Mother". My finance's mother passed away about 8 years ago. When she first told me I offered ...

Grandpa Lives On In Us All
My grandfather passed away somewhat unexpectedly, though he had been steadily deteriorating over the last couple years. Fortunately, I …

Condolence Letter
Condolence Letter For A Friend. One of my friends died a while back. She was a bright 18 year old girl who made a few stupid mistakes one night.

Letters of Condolence
Looking for Letters of Condolence? This one is about my cousin, a cancer patient who was about to make a full recovery when he suddenly died.

Loss of A Long Time Husband
This is one of many Sample Condolence Letters that you'll find here on By The Letter. This one is about the Loss Of A Long Time Husband.

Best Friend's Father
Loss of A Father. My best friend's father died while we were both in high school. I did my best to comfort her through  …

The Loss of Your Father
A few years back my best friend from High School's Father passed away. We'd lost contact over the years and I did not hear of his passing …

Loss of a Pet, A Cherished Family Member
Last year, my sister in law lost her dog, Wilson. While that may not be a big deal for some, she had raised him from a pup. She has no children, so

A Friend of Mine Was Killed In a Road Accident
Dear Name I am writing to express my deepest sympathy and condolences regarding the recent death of your husband, husband?s name. I …

Condolence Letter to Friend
Condolence Letter To A Friend . A few months ago, my best friend's mom died from cancer. She'd been really ill for a while and was in and out …

Condolences On The Sudden Loss of A Teenager
A couple of years ago, a family that we knew suddenly and tragically lost their teenage son, Brian, in a tragic car accident. Brian was a friend of our

An Inspirational Woman
Several years ago a friend of the family slipped on ice in her front yard and suffered a concussion that proved fatal. It was hard to know what …

Condolences To The Daughter of A Co-worker
Dear... I was saddened when I read about the death of your mother. She was always a bright light of the day for everyone who came into the office.

A College Roommate Remembered
A number of years ago, I learned that one of my college roommates had died very suddenly of lung cancer. Although I hadn't seen or spoken …

I Will Answer Their Prayers Before They Finish Praying, Isaiah 65:24
Dear Friend, I can write that I am sorry that you have suffered a loss of a loved one--but you already know that. We have been friends for over …

Condolence Letter Example; Death Of a Friend's Mom
My friend's mother passed away one year ago. She was like a second mom to me, so her passing was also deeply hurting to me. Here's what I …

Goodbye To a Friend
Going on a few years now by best friend passed away, I was in a different country at the time and thus unable to attend the funeral. What you …

Condolences to family on the death of a co-worker
When one of my co-workers passed away, I wrote this letter to the daughter she left behind: 

For a Friend's Grandparent With Alzheimer's
My friend’s grandfather passed away after a slow deterioration due to Alzheimer’s. Although he lived far away, he was very special to her. 

Letter For Loss of Former Employer
I wrote this letter of condolence when my first boss died and I wanted to express my sympathy to her surviving daughter. 

I'm Sorry Your Dog is Dead
"My neighbor's dog, a vicious little anklebiter, finally died at the age of fourteen. Although we're all relieved he's dead, we wish to be supportive

For my family after the loss of a grandfather.
When I was young my family lost one of our greatest leaders, the most kind, caring person we ever knew. Our great grandfather passed in the …

On The Loss of Your Pet
I work in an animal hospital, and the hardest times are when clients need to euthanize their pets. I’ve been in the industry for almost 10 years and it

Loss of a Daughter
My friend's 42-year old was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer in November 2009. She underwent chemotherapy and fought a hard battle 

Sympathy On The Passing of a Friend's Mother
My friend's mother passed away after a long battle with leukemia when we were in school. It was a great loss for their family, and while it did not 

Death of a Co-worker
In 2007 a man I worked with died in a car accident. We had been working together for over a year. The company I worked for helped financially ...

Condolence Letter For a Child
I was out of town when my friend's child died in a car accident. I was in tears over the thought of a young child's death and the mother's pain. I ...

Jewish Condolence Letter
This is a letter I wrote to a friend whose son passed away recently. Somehow, the death of a child is always more puzzling to understand …

My Cousin's Mother 
My cousin's mother died several years ago, following a car accident. It was a huge shock for our entire family and we were all devastated. Here is  …

A condolence letter to an employee on the death of her grandfather
One of my employees lost her grandfather last year. Although I had worked with her for quite awhile, I'd never met him, but it was clear she …

Sudden Loss Of A Daughter
A few months ago my best friend passed away due to unnatural reasons, and everyone around her was deeply upset. Her mother and father were  …

An Angel Called Home
Dear [name]; I was very sorry to hear about the death of your mother. My most heart felt prayers for comfort and strength, go out to you and your…

She Was My Second Mom
The following condolence letter was submitted without any names, so I made some up. Still, it's a pretty good letter and is a great template for …

It's Never Easy
My third year in high school left me dealing with the suicide of my sister's boyfriend of three months. I had no idea as to broach the subject with …

My Best Friend And Brother
Best Friend and Brother: Patsy - I'm not really sure where to begin, but let me start out by saying Christopher was like a brother to me. I so loved …

Letter of Condolence 
Letter of Condolence: Here's an excerpt from the letter below. "I had the greatest respect for her, she was always very kind and loving to me as  …

Free Letters - it's never easy dealing with the death of loved ones, but this page of free sample letters makes it easier and is just a small sampling of the many free letters of sympathy you'll find on our site.

Sample Letter - this letter is in reference to the death of a brother, but is readily adaptable to any situation that you might be dealing with.

Sample Letter of Sympathy Condolence - this letter provides encouraging words of comfort and heart felt condolences. You'll also get a brief glimpse of books and poems that offer sympathy sayings and comforting phrases.

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