Condolence Message for Mother Passed Away

by Christy
(Houston Tx)

Condolence Message for Mother Passed Away. The death of a person's mother mother is a very hard time for people.

I never know what to say when one of my friends loses their mother.

Seems I always think of the perfect things to say after the fact.

I hope that someone reads my thoughts and uses them.

I really think that it will help them, even though I don’t know what I would do if I lost my mother.

Here Are Some Words of Comfort
A mother is an angel that God has sent down to watch over her children when he can’t be there to stand beside them. Even though you have lost your mother’s presence beside you, she will always be with you.

It is hard to lose your mom. Just remember that you will be able to hug her neck again when you meet her in heaven.

My favorite hand to hold has always been my mother’s. Now I know that even if I don’t feel it, she will be holding my hand every step of the way.

It is hard to lose your mom. No one has ever carried you quite as far as your mother has, and no one ever will. She is still carrying you even if you can’t see her anymore.

There is no way to soothe the broken heart that losing a mother causes. She was the person that you ran to when your heart needed soothing, the shoulder you cried on when you couldn’t hold the tears in anymore. But your loss isn’t yours alone. Try out a new shoulder until you can be with your mom again in heaven.

One day when you go to heaven your mother will be there to welcome you with open arms. She is just getting there early so that she can get your room ready for you.

There are millions of mothers in the world, but not all of them are mommys. Not every mother out there has earned that term. When someone loses a ‘mommy’, then the world will have lost its shine for awhile. But it always comes back. One morning you will wake up and the shine will have come back without you even acknowledging it.

Even if you can’t see your mom anymore, she is still following you around. She is probably nagging at you to tuck your shirt in and wipe your face off right now.

A mother may have died, but a mother’s love never dies. She will love you until the sun blinks out, and she will still love you after that.

Your mother was a jewel. The rest of your life will be a treasure hunt. You will always look for her, but you will find her in heaven with all of the other treasure you have earned.

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