Condolence Sympathy Gift Basket - Food For Thought! 

A Condolence Sympathy Gift Basket has a way of lifting a person's spirits, even in the darkest of hours.

Here's what Ben of New Hampshire had to say about it...

I like to think of myself as a giving friend, and I'm always cooking and baking to help people to celebrate important events in their lives.

This whole way of thinking got flipped on its head 6 months ago when one of my best friend's husband died.

She was completely distraught, and none of us knew what to do. I did what I always do in these situations, and took to my kitchen.

Pretty soon the idea of a condolence basket took hold in my mind, and together with a few other friends, we put together a basket of snacks, meals, flowers and letters and just left it on her doorstep.

We all received phone calls later on that evening thanking us, and it has helped my best friend through, knowing that people are thinking of her and supporting her through this terrible time." Ben


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