Condolences On The Sudden Loss of A Teenager

A couple of years ago, a family that we knew suddenly and tragically lost their teenage son, Brian, in a tragic car accident. Brian was a friend of our children and often a guest in our home. His passing shocked and saddened us all. This was the condolence letter I sent to his parents:

Dear Judy and Tim,

There are no words that can ever take away the pain of losing someone so dear—especially so unexpectedly. I know that this letter will be just one of many to find you in this time of grief. Even so, I felt that I must also offer my heartfelt condolences in the hopes that you may find some comfort in our memories of your son Brian.

First I should tell you that we considered him to be a very dear friend of our family. The first time I met your son I was struck by his outgoing nature and zest for life. He was always a welcome guest in our home. His cheerful nature, kindness and sense of humor were a breath of fresh air. We often talked about his little jokes long after he was gone, and we always looked forward to him coming again. Our children and I will miss him, so much.

It seems so unfair to have lost such a bright light in this world, so suddenly. If it’s any consolation to you—we sincerely believe that our lives were bettered by knowing Brian. There are not many young people these days that I would want my children to emulate—but Brian was certainly not in that category. I hope my children will honor his memory by always being kind, thoughtful, and down-to-earth, as he was. I know you must be so proud of what Brian was able to share with us all in his time here—which was sadly too short.

Please know that you our in our thoughts and prayers—and if there’s any help you need in preparing observances or remembrances. It would be our honor to support you and your family in this devastating time.

Mary and Lee Williams

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