Condolences to family on the death of a co-worker

by Gail
(Arlington, VA)

When one of my co-workers passed away, I wrote this letter to the daughter she left behind:


Dear Sharon,

I am so sad to see your mother leave us. In the months of her illness I wrote to her often. I tried not to call her because sometimes the telephone can be a real intrusion. I think she appreciated receiving my letters, though.

I want to share with you what your mother was like at work. I know that she was a good mother, as you well know, but I'm not sure that you know what a good worker she was. She was one of the smartest ladies I knew. Everyone here respected her greatly.

In my entire career I have never met a more organized and logical person. While some people work hard, your mother REALLY worked hard. But she didn't talk about how hard she worked. She just did it.

When she first came to us, the department was a mess. She worked relentlessly to organize it. It was not an overwhelming task to her. She just rolled up her sleeves, got started, and got it done.

I will miss your mother very much.

Mrs. Horowitz

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