Condolences to the daughter of a co-worker. I knew the daughter socially and professionally.

by Patricia Wright
(Waterford, NY USA)

Dear... I was saddened when I read about the death of your mother. She was always a bright light of the day for everyone who came into the office. She was a master at customer service, soothing those who were angry over the bumps in the process, empathizing with those who were disappointed with outcomes and sharing in the joy of those who did well.

As you and I crossed paths over the years, we shared in the triumphs and tribulations of our children and as everyone aged, of our parents. In getting to know you through the years, at this difficult time, there is one thing of which I am certain. You and your children are your Mom's legacy.

You and your family show all those qualities that were admired in your mother and I hope you take comfort with the knowledge that your Mom can never die while you and your children go forward. The wonderful person who was your Mom is alive and remembered whenever anyone looks at you and your family.

There is no doubt that it is always difficult to say the final "Good-by." I hope that knowing your sorrow is shared by many, lightens the burden of grief

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