The Right Words When You Need Them

Expressing Condolences when someone significant in your life is grieving the death of a loved one is hard, and if you're anything like me sometimes you feel that your words may fall short of being empathetic and supportive.

Messages - And although no words can fully comfort someone whose grieving the loss of a loved one these come close. 

PhrasesHowever, finding the right words can take a long time, but using the sample sympathy words and phrases found here can shorten that time considerably.    

Words - Expressions of condolences don't have to be fancy words. Sometimes simple everyday words can have the desired affect on someone grieving the loss of a husband, wife, child, or significant other.

Quotes - Here you'll find quotes ready for instant use in cards, flowers, email and text messages, etc.  Use them s is or to mix and match and add your own words to them for truly personalized messages.

Letters - These sample letters offer thoughtful reflection without the stress that comes with laboring over each word to ensure that they're comforting and supportive. 

Etiquette. Etiquette suggests that there are appropriate ways to offer empathy, understanding and support during a time of bereavement.  Here's how to get it right.

Gifts. Expressing sympathies, condolences and encouragement through gifts like memorial stones, gift trees, cremation jewelry, music, poems and pictures and poems can be remembered forever.

Gift Baskets - You can never go wrong expressing condolences with gift baskets containing favorites like wines, cheeses, meats, crackers, chocolates , coffees, teas, fruits, etc. 

Console Someone Today - Three Things You Can Do Right Now!

Send Flowers Fast. Beautiful fresh arranged flowers that in some instances you can be delivered the same day you order them at no extra charge.

Give a Beautiful Piece of Jewelry. Some pieces are even  designed to hold a small amount of cremated remains, or maybe a a lock of hair to be worn around the neck and can therefore be cause for a daily reflection of the departed loved one.

Give a Tear Bottle. Tear Bottles have a fascinating history. Egyptians put tears in them and bury them with loved ones to show honor and devotion. They then reappeared during the 19th Century Victorian era. The tears disappear, but the bottle remains...forever?

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