Confirmation of Acceptance of Employee Suggestion

This Confirmation of Acceptance of Employee Suggestion sample letter commends your employees on creativity and intuitiveness.

The first thing you may notice is that this sample letter isn't heavy on the word side.  

Not to worry, just because it's not 'wordy' doesn't mean your gratitude and acceptance won't be properly expressed.

Give credit where credit is due and give it in writing.

This form gives your employee their owed accolades along with proof in print of their creative prowess.  

If you wish to open deeper arrangements as far as monetary value, or proper entitlement, this sample form can easily be amended to include such an agreement.

Or simple use as is, ready to go.  


Dear ___________,

Your suggestion that we recycle the trims from our vinyl production has been analyzed and found to be an extremely viable idea.

This recycling process, which will be implemented in six to eight weeks from now, will result in direct savings to our firm. We commend you for your inventiveness!

Please accept our congratulations on the adoption of your recommendation and our thanks for your enthusiastic attitude.

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