Confirmation of Extension of Payment Date

A Confirmation of Extension of Payment Date sample letter, for important payment dates that are time sensitive.

When it comes to the importance of expected payments, better to err on the side of caution than that of excuses.

This sample letter offers confirmation of an extension after the request has been made by paying party.

Mostly used to bridge tensions between parties and financial obligations, this sample is ready for use.

However, with little amendment, this sample transforms into a perfectly detailed record for your particular situation.


Dear _____________,

This will acknowledge our telephone conversation of this date. As was stated in our letter dated ___[date]____ , we should be receiving our financing by ____[date].

In view of the above, we would appreciate your extending the date for our payment of the account until ______[date]. This will enable us to make sure that all of the appropriate documents have been prepared.

We appreciate your courtesies, past and present. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company and we look forward to years of pleasant associations.

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