Confirmation of Interview Appointment

Confirmation of Interview Appointment sample letter – You’ve gone through the application and all seems promising. 

The reference has even contacted you and given a raving review of the potential’s performance in the workplace. 

So what is left to do? Why, an interview! 

If your interest is piqued the natural follow of things warrants a face to face meeting. 

Be sure those enticing potentials keep up with important details like time and date.

This sample letter sends confirmation to viable applicants with scheduled appointments.


Dear __________,

Thank you for your courteous request to interview one of our officers for the article you are writing about our business.

[name of individual] will be pleased to meet with you at our offices at ____[address]___, on __ [day]__, __[date]__, at __ [time]__ I believe that you will find him to be extremely knowledgeable about our business and the role we play in relationship to our industry.

Thank you for your interest in our firm.

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