Confirmation of Purchase Agreement

This Confirmation of Purchase Agreement sample letter serves as permanent record for purchase agreements. 

Conditions and agreements for the terms of purchased product are detailed in this sample letter. 

Not too wordy, this sample letter gets the detail of the purchase in a concrete form.

Strike a line here or add an amazing ending, or just leave and use as is.

This agreement gives your customer confidence in their purchases.

We highly recommend giving this easy sample a try.


Dear _____________,

This letter will serve to confirm our agreement regarding your purchase of, and payment for, certain merchandise from our company.

We have agreed to ship the following merchandise to you:

You agree to abide by our printed terms and conditions, and you additionally agree to pay for the merchandise in three equal payments. The first payment shall be sent so as to be received by my office not later than __[date]__. The second payment shall be received not later than thirty days later, and the third payment shall be received not later than thirty days after the second payment. In no event shall payment be received later than __[date]__.

Please sign a copy of this letter and return it to me. Upon receipt of your confirmation of our agreement, I shall release shipment of the aforementioned merchandise.

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