Confirmation of Telephone Report of Problem

Confirmation of Telephone Report of Problem – Customer service is number one concern for a successful business. 

Customer service performed via phone can leave something to be desired.

Some customers just need to see it in ink and on paper. 

Try keeping this sample letter on hand for an easy compromise that literally takes seconds to produce and send off.

This provides a concrete correspondence and keeps the lines of communication between service providers and customer, open and professional. 


Dear ___________,

This will confirm our telephone conversation of __[date]__ wherein I informed you that there was a problem with the ______________[service performed]____________________.

As I stated, ____________[description of problem]_____________. It is my understanding that you will ________[commitment of service company]_______ in order to resolve this problem.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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Exit Confirmation of Telephone Report of Problem - See More Sample Business Letters