Confirmation of Verbal Order

Use a Confirmation of Verbal Order letter to reserve orders taken at verbal request and reaffirm their confidence in your ability to deliver. 

Making any transactions solely on verbal correspondence can lead to kinks in what should be a smooth transaction. 

This sample letter can help you avoid those possible kinks. 

Relying just on verbal instruction can get orders incorrect or otherwise mixed up and can hinder the overall professional relationship. 

When customers can see it in black and white, they can confirm it, so get it on paper!


Date: ___________

To: _____[Supplier]______

This letter shall confirm your acceptance of verbal order communicated to you on __________.

A copy of our purchase order containing the state terms is attached.

Unless we receive objection within ten days of your receipt of this order, we shall expect delivery of all ordered goods on the date indicated.

Very truly yours,


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