Congratulations on Increased Sales

This Congratulations on Increased Sales sample letter gives a short congratulatory note to companies and partners of a job well done, proven with the increase in sales.

If you've acquired a fantastic team that is leading the board, and your company sales, through the roof....reward them!

Or at the least send them a congratulatory letter expressing the higher ups pleasure.

Hearing a hearty 'good work' just makes one want to work harder.

This type of letter is relatively simple to jot down, but we've done it for you, so why not give it a go!


TO: Sales Department Members

FROM: H.C. Chambers

SUBJECT: Monthly Results

The numbers are in and I am proud to inform you that our total sales for the period of April 15th through May 15th amount to $358,466.00, which represents a 10% increase over our sales for the preceding period.

You have achieved the goal we established in the first week of April, and you are all to be highly commended for your achievement. Congratulations!

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