Congratulations on Promotion Alternate

This Congratulations on Promotion Alternate is another sample letter for sending deserving employee praise and notification on a promotion.

A congratulatory notice like this is a simple way to express your assured confidence in their abilities.

And nothing motivates quite like motivation.

They show you results, you show your gratitude, they continue to work hard to continue this positive cycle.

Try out this sample letter, you won't be disappointed.

It's a simple gesture that doesn't take much time and with this sample it won't take up more than the seconds it takes to cut and paste.


Dear ____________

It was with great pleasure that I read of your promotion to the position of [position] with [name of firm] I am sure your firm has made a very wise choice and that you will excel in your new role as [position].

Please accept my congratulation on your promotion and my very best wishes for your continuing success.

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