Copies of Love Letters;
Magical Words For Special Occassions

Looking for Copies of Love Letters to tell your loved one how much you love them?  How special they are and how much joy they bring into your life? 

Copies of Love Letters

If so the ones below are a perfect fit for any occasion, whether you're celebrating an anniversary, holiday or some other special event. 

The love letters below are great for giving to your partner. You can use them as a template to write your own,change most of them; or somewhere in between. Want to make your loved one feel special? Then give them a letter like the one below...


My Dearest Sweetheart:

I have missed you all these long cold nights that you have been away. How I wish that I could be wrapped in your strong arms once more. The smell of your cologne haunts me as I fall asleep at night on your pillow. I dream of you and what we share and cannot wait for you to return home.

Your tender kisses are in my thoughts - constantly, your touch on my back, your breath on my skin, I miss you so much my darling. I count the days and nights and wait with baited breath until you return home from sea.

Do you think of me, too? Am I constantly in your dreams as you are in mine? I cannot express how much your absence haunts me like a ghost of a lost love.

I know you will return to me soon, but I cannot help but feel that each second is a lifetime. Hurry back to me lover, let me taste your love on my lips once more.

Olive Juice Now and Always,
Your Sweetpea     

More Copies of Love Letters

Copies of Love Letters
To Share With Your Sweetheart

Here are some of my favorite Copies of Love Letters.  Enjoy!  

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