Cover Letter for Job Application

Cover Letter for Job Application is the first chance you have to sell yourself to a potential don't blow it!

Surprisingly, many job seekers simply copy what's on their resume, but that's the wrong approach.  

Instead, use strategies to get noticed by writing cover letters that are tight, interesting and attention grabbing.  

Here's one way to do it!  Use this Cover Letter Format as a starting point.

If you do you'll discover that you should keep your sentences short - less than fifteen words per sentence is about right; use short, simple words; and write short paragraphs - approximately 3 sentences each.  

You can also get ideas for your cover letter for a job application by using Free Sample Cover Letters and templates.  

You can find sample letters for receptionists, teachers, clinical supervisors, the ones below.  Or, you can find other sample letters simply by "Googling" them.  

Many Great Cover Letters start from templates.   However, many people falsely assume that if you write cover letters using them you'll necessarily end up with something that's ho hum boring.  

But nothing is further from the truth, as you can easily transform a generic cover letter template into a great job application cover letter.  

It'll just take a little bit more time and effort on your part to include interesting aspects of your work skills and abilities, but those are things you should be doing anyway…right?

Below is a Cover Letter For Job Application Sample Letter


Dear Mr. Nathaniel Grout,

Having been a part of the Plant County School System for the past ten years, I know of your school's superior reputation. Your dedication to bettering children's education in particular, is revered and very well known amongst school board members. Every employee that has been given the opportunity to join your staff, speaks only of how pleasurable and rewarding the experience was.

I know you often seek paraprofessionals, assistants, classroom teachers, administrative assistants, even administrators to add staff. I would love to become a part of such an inspirational team. I am hopeful that you may have a position currently open, or opening in the near future. Please accept this letter and enclosed resume for your consideration.

It has been brought to my attention that my name has surfaced as a suggested addition to your technological support team. I am very flattered and hope to afford the opportunity to meet with you in person to further discuss my capabilities.

I can be contacted at either the phone number or email address below. This upcoming week and the following week, I will be available to meet at your convenience. I look forward to your correspondence. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Keith Hannah

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