Cover Letter for Physical Therapist Opening

by joe

Got a love for physical sports and rehabilitative treatment and services. If so this resume cover letter serves as a great sample cover letter to include with your resume when you apply for related jobs. Here's the letter...

Kristine Calimbas-Gonzales, PTRP, MHHhSc
Head Physiotherapist
Sports Rehabilitation Clinic
Loyola Heights, QC

Dear Ms. Calimbas-Gonzales,

Greetings! I have heard from Ms. Julie Lao, who was my professor in college, that there was an opening for her soon to be vacated position in your company. I have been a practicing physical therapist for three years in a tertiary hospital as a sports physiotherapist for basketball players with a degree from University of the Philippines. I am also a coach for the Poveda Volleyball team. Being an athlete and coach myself, I have taken an interest on athletic conditions – its causes, effects, and treatments.

I am very much interested to work in your facility because of my passion for sports and my knowledge of it. Your facility is known for the practice of manual techniques which I have taken seminars for. I would like to apply the techniques I learned and further my career expertise in the field of manual treatment thus I would like to apply in your facility.

My general experience includes the prescription of therapeutic exercises and use of modalities such as Ultrasound, electrical stimulation , ultraviolet radiation , infrared radiation, traction, hot moist packs, hydrotherapy and cold moist packs. I have enjoyed working in Makati Medical City for three years. I have honed my expertise as a sports physiotherapist for basketball players. I intend to shift my skills to treat volleyball players of which I myself am a player.

I would enjoy being a part of your organizational team and look forward to speaking with you in the near future at my mobile number 09279345656 and landline number (721)3655671.

Joe B

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