Cover Letter for Product Literature

Cover Letter for Product Literature.  This sample letter is succinct and brief, so I'll try to make this into likewise.

It only takes a second to show your customers that you care.

Contrarily, it only takes a second to lose them!

So, wouldn't it be worth the quick second to show them that your company has a distinct, human quality?  

We think so!

A way to keep them is to provide prompt, timely responses to requests for information, whether it's via email, the postal service or the telephone.


Dear ________,

It was a pleasure speaking with you today and as I promised, I am enclosing literature on the [products] I will be happy to get together with you, upon your request, to explain the functions of each system in order to assist you in your decision making process.

Thank you for the courtesies you extended during our telephone conversation.

I hope that we can assist you with your requirements. Sincerely,

[insert your name]

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