Cover Letter Format

Cover Letter Format provides the framework needed to write attention getting cover letters.

Here are 5 basic rules for getting your resume noticed nearly every time.

One, never use a generic introduction like "To Whom it May Concern" or it's equivalent - it's the kiss of death for resumes. Instead, you should personalize the greeting. Why? Because a job applicant too lazy to attain the information needed to personalize a resume cover letter won't be taken seriously. I know, because I've set aside many of them because of it.  If only they'd used the recommended cover letter format.

Example: "Dear Mr. John Smith" speaks volumes about an applicant gets my attention and meaningful consideration every time.

Two, mention where you learned about the position. Tell the reader right off the bat where you learned about the job, or heard about it is highlyrecommended. The first paragraph is a good place to insert it.

It could result in you receiving greater consideration for the job. For example, learning about the job from the Vice President of Operations may result in your receiving greater consideration than would having learned about it from a newspaper ad.

Example: "I found out about the Marketing Coordinator position on your company's website and am submitting my resume for consideration of that position."

Three, drop a name if you know somebody that works for the the first paragraph, too. I think we can agree that sometimes the difference between getting a job or not is not what you know, but who you know. So, this cover letter format tip makes sense.  Drop names whenever and however you can.

Example: "A friend of mine, Jana Smith, currently works for ABC Wineries as an Administrative Assistant to Mr. Damon Niles, Director of Operations told me about the job opening.  Jana encouraged me to apply for it and thought that my work experience would be a perfect fit for what you are looking for."

Four, include specific, relevant experience in the second and/or third paragraph . This is a place where you can talk about how great you are and why you are the ideal candidate for the position. The difficulty is that some people are tasked with trying to summarize what might be 10- 15 years of skills and experience into 1-2 paragraphs. Understandably, this can be pretty hard to do, but I'm sure you'll do well when you write and rewrite it a few dozen times.  

Example: "I come prepared to hit the ground running, as my 5 years of experience as a Marketing Coordinator with [former employer] align with your need. Specifically, I assumed, maintained and matured accounts of my predecessor, solicited and brought in new accounts, increased receivables by 40%, developed marketing materials for current and future clients and campaigns and the like."

Five, close with a call to action. This is the last cover letter formatting tip.  Your closing should be brief. Ask for your most wanted desired response. Do you want them to call you? Or, do you want to call them? Whatever it is state what it is so that there's no doubt in anybody's mind about what's going to happen next.

Example: You can close with something like "I look forward to discussing my qualifications and interest in working for ABC Wineries and can be reached at 333-222-111. Thank you for your consideration of my interest. Sincerely, [your name]"

This concludes what you need to know about a cover letter format. Following are more links to explore.

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